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Time Management Training

Transform your productivity

Half Day
Max. Delegates

Training Overview

Gain tools and strategies for managing your day and make sure that important tasks are always completed on time through this intensive four hour training session. You will leave the course with confidence that you will be able to manage your workload without inadvertently dropping tasks. What's more, better time management skills will enable you to more effectively manage expectations both internally and externally.

Specially designed for people in an environment where priorities can change rapidly, you'll learn about time management in a practical way that directly relates to your work so that you can apply it as soon as you get back to your desk.

How will I benefit?

The course works because it doesn't try to force you into working in a particular way but enables you to make changes to the current way you work so that it feels instinctive and is more likely to become second nature, particularly as those changes will show significant benefits very quickly.

It's suitable for those wanting to learn about handling a diverse workload with a mix of short and medium-term demands. During the course, you will identify your current skills and pinpoint areas for improvement that will make the biggest difference to your productivity.

What will I learn?

  • Effective task collection - nothing is forgotten
  • Task management so that deadlines are hit
  • Prioritisation - get important work scheduled
  • Daily and weekly planning - good practice
  • Getting projects and long-lead-time activities completed
  • Focus - working effectively without distraction
  • Tips from the front line to make every day easier

Who should attend?

This course is for anyone working in in-house comms who wants to become more productive and feel more in control.

What else do I need to know?

We'll conduct a briefing before the course, to gather detailed information from each delegate. This means that the course focuses at all times on the relevance of a particular tactic or strategy for each delegate. It also means we come in with a structured agenda but we'll add in other things or move to a different focus if it turns out that the group needs something different.

How Big Fish Training Works

Got a team to train? Most courses are delivered direct either in person or via live video for groups of 6 - 12 people. These sessions are tailored to your specific needs. You just need to tell us what they are! Get in touch now for a friendly chat about what you need to achieve.

Want a course just for you? We run special sessions throughout the year and have a growing number of online courses. If you can't find what you need on the site, get in touch now and we can help.

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What delegates say about Time Management Training for In-House Comms Professionals:

Big Fish Training conducted a customised time and workload management training session for us, which was insightful, really informative and applicable to daily work. Made the whole team think critically about the way they were approaching their tasks. The trainer, Emma, put in the time and effort to really, really, listen to what we need from an organisational perspective, mix it with the individuals' needs, and then deliver training that's designed around those business outcomes. Emma's experience shines through every minute of the course, making the whole session enjoyable and effective, even though she is putting everyone through their paces. Thank you very much - terrific work. I'm very happy to have been a part of it and the team has learned loads - and best of all, already put many of the concepts into practice.

Anu Ramani

CEO Isoline Communications

Quotation marks

The session was very useful - it was great to have an open discussion about time management and what works best for people in specific circumstances as there is not a 'one size fits all' approach to time management. Sharing tips and common mistakes made when tackling work has allowed me to understand how to better plan, manage my workload, and communicate

There were lots of good tips in there. There was also a really good understanding of what our working lives are like - with reference to not always being in control of our time; the kind of tasks we do etc. So it meant that the majority of the suggestions were very relevant.

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Speech bubble

I found it useful to hear how other people at my level manage time and expectations, and that it's not just me who finds it hard. The group discussion element was useful. Talking about avoiding procrastination was also interesting. Thank you!

The trainer was very friendly and broke everything down to simple terms. I will definitely put contingency planning into action!

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Quotation marks

I enjoyed the concept of scheduling, I usually write lists, but I think this will help when showing my manager what I've been up to. It was good to learn about how long projects should take.

Useful as there were a few things that I had not even considered before then. Straight to the point and encouraged honest discussions.

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Sounds good! How do I book?

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